Spine Ergo BUG Back Protector by POC Sports, Sweden

If you’re an aggressive skier that likes to experience the best of what your local mountains have to offer then its probably a good idea to invest in some serious hardware to keep yourself in one piece.

POC’s Bug Series was designed for just that, a lineup of helmets, spine protection, gloves, and goggles that offer hi-tech protection from the elements and any potential injury. Our favourite product is the Spine Ergo Bug which gives your back some much needed armour and the comfort of flexible EVA and the security of complete back protection with optical cervical and coccyx attachments.

poc-spine-ergo-bug-3 poc-spine-ergo-bug-4 poc-spine-ergo-bug-2 poc-spine-ergo-bug-main poc-spine-ergo-bug-5

Article posted by Chris D.