Speedriding | King of Speed 2013 Boogie at Broken River, NZ

Every year in September, Skiing-, Speedflyers, Skydivers and Paragliders enthusiasts of all levels and nationalities get together for 7 days of outdoor sports, skiing & flying craze in one of the most amazing countries on this planet.

speedriding hero

Boogie participants are meeting flying-, snow- & outdoor fanatics from all over the world, learning new stuff, get the opportunity to testing the latest gear, socialise and much more.

The event combines basically four things in one:

1) A skiing holiday,
2) Improve your Speedriding skills or how to learn speedriding
3) A skydiving boogie
4) And for those who dare a killer competition at the King of Speed Race.

Speedriding Tandem






The sport of Speedflying / -riding has grown tremendously. Many Skiiers, Skydivers all over Australia & New Zealand have discovered this sport to get airborne more frequently & enjoy launching their Speedflying canopies from local hills and cliffs at all seasons.



Many well known and successful athletes from Australia, New Zealand and overseas have helped in putting this event together. More info on www.proximity100.com

Video link to King of Speed Speedriding Boogie 2013 Highlight Reel

Posted by Chris D.