Product review of the POC Spine Ergo Bug Spine Protector


In the last several years body armour such as spine protectors are becoming more and more prevalent in snow sports. The progression of downhill mountain biking and motocross have shown skiers that body armour can be comfortable, nonrestrictive, and breathable. But who really needs body armour? Is it professional athletes, speed event racers, or victims of previous hard crashes? While it’s clear that not everybody on the hill absolutely needs a spine protector, many skiers and snowboarders in our region and beyond are pushing their physical boundaries, and in some cases the boundaries of the sport. 

This product review’s focus is on the POC Spine Ergo Bug spine protector. Swedish company POC (pronounced pock) has one simple mission,

“To do everything we can to develop protective gear that can save lives and reduce the severity of injuries.”

POC has hired some of the finest engineers in snow sports to develop their line of helmets, body armour, and goggles. POC has put this extensive knowledge into the Spine Ergo Bug. The Spine Ergo Bug, intuitively, is designed to be an ergonomic, unobtrusive, piece of protective gear that you can wear comfortably all day. The Spine Ergo Bug’s cushion is made of flexible EVA foam, while the hard outer shell back plates are made of injected polypropylene. The Spine Ergo Bug has an excellent ventilation system that transports moisture, and lets cool air in. The Spine Ergo Bug is also lightweight, and after you are used to wearing it you barely notice you have it on. The Spine Ergo Bug is secured to the body with elastic shoulder straps, and a wide elastic Velcro waist band. POC has become enormously popular with ski racers, and since FIS rules prevent anything over the shoulders the shoulder straps on the Spine Ergo Bug are completely removable.

If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable spine protector the Spine Ergo Bug may be just the one for you.

Just remember ski fast, stay safe, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Check out the video of the legendary crash of Austrian Ski racing legend Hermann “Herminator” Maier at the Nagano Olympics back in 1998. Please note, that this video is in the original Austrian commentary in German language.

Article by: Granite Chief posted by Chris D.