Improve your posture by LUMO health-sensors

Start developing better posture and track your progress to a healthier, more upright life with the delightfully fun LUMOback.

There’s nothing worse than having a sore back at the end of the day, and it’s even worse knowing that you can prevent it. We’re big believers in LUMOback because it solves a really silly problem in a really simple way. If you spend significant amounts of time sitting at a desk, this may just be the perfect tool for you. Beyond the posture correction, the step counter is a great way to keep tabs on your daily activity. Try creating daily step goals to ensure you’re not staying chained to the desk for too long. Your back will absolutely thank you.


LUMOback aims to fix your bad habits, and it’s so effective that you’ll often miss LUMO (the friendly app stick-figure avatar) when you aren’t wearing it. With its new smaller design and updated app, the experience just got even better.

Simply buckle the LUMOback around your waist (under or over your shirt), with the sensor patch resting on the small of your back. LUMOback tracks your movement in real-time and gives you a gentle vibration if you are slouching. It’s remarkably accurate — this is the true innovation core of LUMOback. It knows when you’re standing, leaning forwards, backwards, side to side, walking, running — it even knows if you’re sleeping on your back or stomach. The technology is quite impressive and can be immediately appreciated by just watching the movements displayed in real-time by LUMO.


Soon to come on Lucky Dux.

Posted by Chris D.