Enclave Eyewear

Enclave is a US based up and coming manufacturer of sunglasses that are hip, comfortable and high quality. They recently launched eyewear line on Kickstarter, pulling in a whopping $182,000 more than their goal of $9,700. The funds raised went towards creating high steel moulds and to the general manufacturing of the sunglasses.

All Enclave models features polarised polycarbonate lenses and a thermoplastic memory polymer frame that is lightweight, PBA free and BENDABLE. Yes, you read right, bendable which means that the frame will return to its original shape, regardless of how much you bend it. It is also lighter and will be more comfortable than other brands which utilise hard plastics.


These sunglasses have four layers to their lens, including two UV filters which block 100% of UVA/ UVB ultraviolet rays up to 400 nanometers, thoroughly protecting your eyes from sun damage. The lenses also feature a scratch resistant filter on both sides and a polycarbonate core, which is the same stuff that is used in bullet-resistant glass. These sunglasses are some of the toughest out there and are set at an affordable price of just AUD$35 a pop. You can chose from a selection of 7 different colours.