Elin Nordgrn Sweden, Tiger Woods ex.

“dess så vacker”

is Swedish and translates to: “Its so beautiful”

If the capital of Sweden came in first place with handsome men in the world, with the opposite (and beautiful) sex it is still high in the list, but it is only in the second place. However, Swedes should not be disappointed since Sweden was selected as a state that contains the most beautiful women in the world.

Indeed, the women of Stockholm are some of the world’s most beautiful women and the city streets contain a lot of those beauties, who are not only very high but also very seductive. Moreover, Scandinavian are world-famous for their kindness. Therefore, there is a good chance that the girl you will try to impress is not a snob and will actually be quite sweet and nice.

Article by wShadow and posted by Chris D.