Cubic Speakers designed by Palo Alto Audio Design

Palo Alto Audio is an audio design company based in Palto Alto, California. They strive to bring hi-end audio performance and design to everyone. The Cubiks feature sound quality that surpasses the average rectangular set. While best suited for everyday use, they are powerful enough to use at your next party.

The Cubik’s superior sound comes from its premium Peerless (described as “without equal”) speaker driver, rarely found in desktop speakers, and it’s digital amplification technology that is designed to get rid of outside noise. The sound itself is neutral – not obnoxiously heavy on either the bass or the treble, though there’s a bass increase button for those moments when you really need it. The sound that comes out of the Cubik absolutely crushes your normal, average set.

The set of speakers plugs into your computer (Mac and PC) via USB and you can control your computer’s volume via the keys on the speakers which keeps the speakers in sync. Since the Cubiks are 100% digitally amplified, there is no analog input. This keeps the design simpler and sounding better.

They might be tiny, but the scale of sound that spills out has to be heard to be believed. The Cubiks deliver full-bodied audio, with orchestral works showing off the pinpoint imaging, and everything from solo vocalists to frantic dance tracks benefiting from the stunning clarity.

Posted by Chris D.