Awesome Folk Skull timber iPhone cover by Skull of Foxes

Made from Cherry hardwood and etched with the original Skull of Foxes Folk Skull design etched on the surface!

The beautiful hardwood timber has natural characteristics unique to the tree from which it came. Variations in grain, texture and colour (often ranging from light to dark) affect the final look and results in a really unique piece.

A Skulk of Foxes is a multidisciplinary independent design studio that was established in 2006. Run by husband and wife Natalie and Andrew, they work in the fields of jewellery design & production, 3D modeling & animation and product development.

They have designed and produced collections for a wide range of clients, including the National Gallery of Australia and the world renowned Natural History Museum in London.

Having European backgrounds, they have always been inspired by an eclectic mix of folk art, fables and nature. This combined with both traditional and modern production techniques has resulted in the distinct style that is synonymous with the A Skulk of Foxes brand worldwide.

Written & posted by Chris D.