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Sundek | Go for the Sun

Did you know that the iconic SUN-DEK brand founded in the early 40′s was originally based in San Francisco and was one of the first brands dedicated to Surfing back in the days. In the 60′s SUNDEK expanded its market from California to include Hawaii and the East Coast. Their innovative solutions like using velcro instead of…


Stand Out Sound Design made in Denmark

Electronic music has come a long way since its tenuous beginnings on the Minimoog synth, and modern, digital production techniques require equally tuned in gear for amplification. The winner of the Danish Design Prize in 2010/11, this collaboration between Copenhagen-based audio engineers AIAIAI and influential industrial design firm KiBiSi keeps contemporary music lovers in mind….


Today’s Sunrise

Good morning all, I took the photo below of the sunrise this morning – The sun was particularly bright, big and round for some reason especially behind the signature skyline of Sydney… Anyway, it’s another new day – Hope you have a good one! Minji   Posted by Minji  


Your Guitar Just Got Even Cooler

As if your acoustic rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” wasn’t already the coolest thing going, try zipping your gee-tar up in Whipping Post’s Arizona Arena (US$825) — a 100% full grain leather case that’s just about the coolest thing since Page and Plant’s reunion tour. Hand-sewn with marine grade threading, 1” high density foam padding,…


Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

Instant Lab is designed to transform any digital image via your iPhone into an instant photo that is exposed using only the light from the display, then processed and developed by chemicals. A photo that exists physically. A photo that is a one-of-a-kind original that can be shared, exhibited and preserved. A photo that no…


Human Skulls made out of Cardboard

These Human Skull Cardboard Trophies are laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slotted construction. The skulls look great in their native brown or white and can be decorated with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other craft materials. The perfect companion for home or office. All skulls is made from recycled cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally…


Enclave Eyewear

Enclave is a US based up and coming manufacturer of sunglasses that are hip, comfortable and high quality. They recently launched eyewear line on Kickstarter, pulling in a whopping $182,000 more than their goal of $9,700. The funds raised went towards creating high steel moulds and to the general manufacturing of the sunglasses. All Enclave…


Surf Weekends

Venus Goes Gidget Surf-Aways are the ultimate weekend get-aways for women who are looking for a break from everyday life. No matter if you’ve had a few surf lessons already or you don’t even know what a board looks like, the Venus Goes Gidget team will look after you and ensure you have the time…

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POP Desk Phone

Turn your smartphone into a… classic phone with POP Desk. A combination hand receiver and angled stand, this accessory is a wise investment in your close personal relationships. Design Perhaps you’ve seen a POP Phone in the wild. It’s probably something you remember, because every person who encounters one has the same where-have-you-been reaction to…


BMX Bandits starring Nicole Kidman as Judy

Back in 1983, do you remember the days of BMX BANDITS where a 16 year old Nicole Kidman was starring  as Judy. Judy & her friends were riding the BMX bikes you always wanted, but only the other kids from the neighborhood had. Check out Strider’s solution for the kids of our generation not to go through such a grief…


In transit with kids at Singapore’s Airport

If you’re flying long-haul from Australia with kids, it’s worth any extra money you pay to stopover in Singapore. If you fly with carry on only, then store your luggage (terminal 1, level 3) for a few hours and go and have some fun. Singapore’s Tallest Slide Thrill-seekers, head to the Terminal 3 arrival hall. The…

Elin Nordgrn Sweden, Tiger Woods ex.

“dess så vacker”

is Swedish and translates to: “Its so beautiful” If the capital of Sweden came in first place with handsome men in the world, with the opposite (and beautiful) sex it is still high in the list, but it is only in the second place. However, Swedes should not be disappointed since Sweden was selected as…


New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station……

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[youtube=] We luv this beautiful shot picture taken by Carl-Oskar Bohlin. Carl-Oskar Bohlin lives in Borlänge, Sweden and when weather conditions become unbearable to skydive he is Speedriding the European Alps. Post by Chris D.


Dreaming of a Pacific getaway?

Well, then check out Ben Wilsons Fiji Kite Week on Namotu Island Resort. Ben is a pioneer pro-kitesurfer and founder of BWSurf and the kind of platinum level of this sport. Ben has specifically created these special weeks at Namotu to share his own love of the island and provide an elite level of instruction in the…


Shark deterrent WA wetsuits a world first

WA researchers have unveiled world-first wetsuits designed to protect surfers, swimmers and divers from shark attacks by using scientific discoveries about how the predators see and detect prey. Videolink The shark deterrent wetsuits come in two different strategic designs – one that blends the wearer with background colours in the water and the other that…


Kozo Lamps made out of pipes

Every time I glance at this lamp it reminds me of Runaway Bride. In that movie the main character creates lighting out of hardware typically meant for other tasks, such as pipes and that sort of thing.  I thought it was a brilliant idea when I saw the movie and I still think it’s a…

BasilBang SunUmbrellas

Sun Umbrellas by Basil Bangs

Here’s some more detailed info about the stand out stylish and highly functional Basil Bangs Sun Umbrellas A great canvas for great art The Basil Bangs range of limited-edition sun umbrellas is the ideal canvas for amazing art. Showcasing signature prints and artist collaborations, you’ll not go unnoticed with one of our lust-worthy designs.  …


NO.1 SPEED by Budnitz

If you’re looking for a very fast lifetime bicycle, No.1 is the model to choose. It is built for speed and Budnitz bikes are featuring a super smooth belt drive instead of using a chain. An unmatched combination of style and performance, the model No.1 is a fast, agile, strong, and high-tech urban speedster that…